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Naturally, the owner wants to keep it, and he has a right to do so since he got there first. But from a business standpoint, the confusion generated by the domain name is likely doing him more harm than good. The following graphics compare two massively popular websites, YouTube and Facebook, with intentionally misspelled domain names. Basically, users sometimes misspell the names of the websites they are looking for. At best, it is misleading. At worst, it can be downright dangerous—even illegal some sites have used misspelled domain names to gather login credentials from users intending to visit the real website.

Notice how long users stay on these bogus sites — about 30 seconds or less. So, why play those games? That is, you need to give your visitor a pleasant experience.

The Startup

Social Triggers shared a fascinating study of what happens when potential buyers are given too many options. On two consecutive Saturdays, a free tasting booth was set up in an upscale supermarket. On the first Saturday, 24 flavors of jam were set out for customers to taste and buy. On the second Saturday, only six of those same jams were made available. One would think that more jam options would mean more sales, but the study found that the opposite was true.

When 24 jams were available, 60 percent of the customers stopped for a taste test.

4. Visitors Leave Your Site if They Suspect You Aren’t Being Genuine

But, only 3 percent of the shoppers who stopped also bought some. When only six jams were available, fewer customers stopped.

Only 40 percent tried the jams. It means that a poor design that gives too many options will significantly lower your sales and increase your bounce rate. Even something simple like the layout can make a huge difference. A bad design has some other negative effects, as well. Neil Patel found that poor design leading to bad load times equals abandonment. That means that a poorly designed site with unoptimized load times will drive up your bounce rate.

Why Does This Work?

Hubspot shared these guidelines for good web design:. They also immediately provide a link to their YouTube content with information on when you can expect new content. You see another call to action for their content, and then they give you the opportunity to get a sneak peek of their Good Mythical Morning show. They also take the chance to tell you a little bit about their show. Every font has a personality and purpose.

The right script will make your site easier to read and reduce bounce. Consider the example of the old but gold Kill Comic Sans campaign from a few years ago. They give examples of doctors and government officials using a rather silly-looking font to convey an important message. So remember that the seemingly simple aspect of proper design has an immediate impact on your interest in a site.

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Even if the data is still relevant, your audience craves newer content. If all you need to do is update a few statistics, find a new example, and provide some additional insight, then just do it. So, make sure your content conveys your expertise. Nothing is more intimidating or off-putting than having to wade through a wall of information, meaningless text to find what you came for. These charts are meaningless.

The key is that you communicate effectively. If you communicate well, your content is doing its job. And research from the Nielsen Norman Group back from the s confirms that most people never fully read web content anyway. In a way, formatting your content is the most important part, and anyone can do that effectively.

One way you can change up the format is by making a nice visual. Neil Patel shared a few content mistakes you should avoid. Here are some of my favorites:.

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Always remember that the effort you put in determines the results you get out. Bad content will turn visitors away just like bad design will. And as I already mentioned with content, another element you should consider is how visual your site is.

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I do that for a reason. Websites that relied on visual engagement in addition to copy saw their conversion rates more than double. It also reduces the risk of a hack or attack. Most importantly, you especially want to update your content frequently. According to the Kissmetrics Science of Social Timing infographic, your chance of getting more unique views and backlinks increases as you increase the frequency that you share content.

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You could add a blog. You can interact with your own site by commenting on or updating old posts. Try adding images and videos when appropriate. Update your design to stay trendy. Freshen up your other content like social media, FAQs, and testimonials. It could be a more traditional coupon or discount, or it could be a free trial, whitepaper, or gift. The best offers push your visitors further into your sales funnel. I always recommend offering a clear statement of value in addition to a way for people to contact you.

Like this example from Bills. They immediately give you what you came for.

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They simply start by giving you the tools you need to manage your bills and debt. While getting information from your visitors is helpful to you, it could turn away a user who is simply trying to browse or learn more. Finding the right offers and timing them appropriately goes a long way in meeting the expectations of your visitor.

Give users what they expect. Make sure that your domain name, website header, and every last drop of content is relevant to the focus of your website. So, keep it real. Let your site be what it is and advertise it as such. Users want websites that make a lasting impression,. People need to be able to use your website, not just experience it. There are actually five different elements you can look for to establish and assess usability on a site that your visitors will enjoy. The first element of a good user design is access and availability.

It also means that elements like broken links or lack of mobile re sponsiveness are playing a part in how someone experiences your website. The screen is flexible and adjusts when you minimize or maximize the window. And this makes sense. You would expect a site like this from a social media platform that has exploded to a user base of more than 2 billion. None of this has c ome by accident. Facebook has constantly been concerned with ease of access and constant availability as a part of its brand.

But beyond accessibility and availability, you should also be able to provide a clear experience of your brand. You should be able to create a website that has a single focus. It should have a clear and unwavering design and purpose that your audience can jive with. One way to achieve this is to keep things simple.

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Take Samsung as an example. Their site immediately focuses on the important aspects they want you to see. To take it a step further, they also try to make you feel like their site is familiar when you scroll down and see this:.