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What did I say I promised to do?


Then Corden pointed out that they not only promised purity to themselves and their families, but they did so publicly, which Joe explained was never the game plan. It was damage control. Emphasis my own:.

  1. Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas Talk Purity Rings and Sing Jonas Brothers Songs on Carpool Karaoke.
  2. Why Nick Jonas Was Disappointed With How People Treated Him and His Brothers.
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That was a running joke. This is not who we are.

Miley Cyrus Asks the Jonas Brothers About Their Purity Rings | E! News

This is annoying. People are making fun of it anyway.

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  7. Nick Jonas claims purity ring shaped his view of sex and consent.

We can make fun of it ourselves. The Jonas Brothers also reveal that Kevin was the first to remove his purity ring but real stans already know that: he got married in , and the JoBros were active until He had to remove it. The literal band of brothers from New Jersey took tweendom by storm in the late s before splitting up several years ago. The tension eventually led to their father leaving that church.

The brothers rose to fame through the Disney Channel

But they still kept the faith, displaying it in a famously public way—by wearing purity rings. Hollywood had a field day once they found out the young pop stars were waiting until marriage.

Miley Cyrus Wants to Know About the Jonas Brothers' Purity Rings

Russell Brand at the MTV Music Awards said if they were really serious about purity, they should wear the rings on their genitals. Nick Jonas was 15 at the time. That was what people ran with forever, that was a running joke.

And we found the humor in it sometimes. This is annoying. People are making fun of it anyway. Even though the rings came off, the fact that they wore them at all seems inescapable.

The Jonas Brothers Say They Regret Being Known for Their “Purity Rings”

And on television, no less. The sexualization of teenagers by Hollywood is nothing new. Even in the real world, sexting and porn use among teens is common. The ones who are opting out, typically for religious reasons, are depicted as weirdos. He was an adult who willingly chose to go on a reality television show and talk about his personal life. The Jonas Brothers were young men—and in the case of the youngest, Nick, a minor—who did everything they could not to make a big deal of their private commitment.