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The doctor is the person who will decide if they have the capacity to do so. If a doctor determines they have the capacity to decide for themselves, you will not be able to commit them. If their addiction has impaired their ability to give consent, they may be admitted to care under a certificate of Involuntary Admission.

A doctor will take into consideration behaviors that are dangerous. For example, if your loved one has threatened suicide or performed other acts of self-harm, that may be enough to get them committed. Not all drug addicts behave in a way that is suicidal or homicidal. If a doctor observes severe deterioration, he can order a psychiatric assessment. The person will be temporarily hospitalized without consent for up to 72 hours. In Ontario, any doctor can file an application for a psychiatric assessment of an individual — and the public authorities must detain the person.

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The physician must give that person written notice of the application and cite their reasons. Sometimes, being hospitalized for even a short period is enough for a drug addict to admit they need help. Then they can consent to go to rehab.

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Faced with the love and concern of the people he cares for, an addict may decide to seek treatment and agree to voluntarily go to a rehab center. Involuntary commitment must also be periodically renewed. A Certificate of Involuntary Admission lasts for up to two weeks.

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After this, a doctor may issue a Certificate of Renewal. These must be renewed every couple of months. Once an addict has been removed from the situation where they can easily obtain drugs, they may be more open to treatment. If she has gone through detox and begun therapy or step work while in the hospital, she may agree to extend her treatment voluntarily. If you get an addict to take the first step on the path to recovery, you may well convince them to keep going.

However, recovery rarely works when it is forced upon someone.

Forcing someone into treatment against their will is not usually a recipe for success amongst drug addicts. Another symptom is defiance. Once the addict in your life is actually hospitalized, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, they can begin to get clean. Water Ambassadors Canada WAC is a registered Canadian humanitarian charity established to provide safe drinking water to those without in the developing world, primarily in Central America, by sending short-term teams of volunteers to drill or rehabilitate wells, install chlorination or filtration systems, and teach health and hygiene.

Since tiw founding in , WAC has provided clean water to over ,00 people. People of all ages have participated in their trips, and no special skills are required. For fall conferences: promo material will be available to be mailed in September. For spring conferences: promo material will be available to be mailed in January.

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I understand that the permission to charge my bank account or credit card company is the same as if I had personally signed a cheque to Promise Keepers Canada. This agreement will remain in effect until I have given reasonable notice to Promise Keepers Canada instructing them to end this agreement. I understand that my bank or credit card company is responsible for the timely posting of all transactions from my account.

If there are any discrepancies in the amount that has been transferred from my account in a given month, I will contact Promise Keepers Canada directly for correction. Gifts are acknowledged and receipted with an official receipt for income tax purposes. While Promise Keepers Canada seeks to honour the expressed preference of each gift, I acknowledge that my donation is a gift to the ministry of Promise Keepers Canada. As such, I understand that even though I have expressed my preference, Promise Keepers Canada must retain the discretion to use my gift as it believes will best advance its charitable purposes.

If my preference changes, it is my responsibility to inform Promise Keepers Canada.

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You may revoke your authorization at any time, subject to providing notice of cancellation at least 30 days prior to date of cancellation. You may obtain a sample cancellation form, or for more information on your right to cancel a PAD Agreement, you may contact your financial institution or visit www.

You have certain recourse rights if any debit does not comply with this agreement.

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