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This can be useful if you are concerned that your new partner is only interested in marrying people for their money! Although the Jefferson Parish County Clerk and Registrar Recorder have their own archives with many of the documents transferred to computer systems to make searching easier, if you live far from the state of Louisiana but are interested in searching divorce records in the region, it might be a better idea to use one of the commercial sites that compile data on this kind of personal information from various sources across the country.

Although you may have to pay a fee to get the full results of your search, you can be more confident by using one of these sites that the search you have carried out is as comprehensive as possible. Even if you get no results from searching divorce records in Jefferson Parish County or even in the state of Louisiana, then you could always widen your search to the whole of the US.

If someone is lying to you about their marital status or their past relationships, then there is no reason why they would not lie to you about where they have lived before; just because they say they have always lived in Jefferson Parish County doesn't mean it would not be a good idea to search divorce records from the whole of the US if you are concerned about their intentions. If it is older records that you are interested in and they seem not to be available on the computer systems you are using online, then there may be no alternative but to get your hands dirty searching through the original paper records in the archives at the offices of the Jefferson Parish County Clerk and Registrar Recorder.

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