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Indiana laws regarding the Sheriff Sale process can be found at: www. Upcoming Sales. No upcoming Tax Sales.

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No upcoming Sheriff Sales. Glen Luedtke Contact Glen. Your "Tax Rate" is an accumulation of all these levies and bond issues.

Special Assessments are not part of you real estate tax but are included as a separate item on the real estate tax bill. These could include such items as ditch assessments, improvement levies such as street paving, curbs, lighting, sidewalks and sewer or water lines. The Auditor is required by law to keep an accounting of these special assessments, to place them on the tax duplicate as a separate item, and to distribute the money collected to the city, village, township or County office which levied the assessment.

Homestead Exemption and Property Tax Rollback. Property tax rollback and homestead exemptions are forms of property tax relief. Beginning with tax year , new participants in the Homestead Exemption Program will be subject to a means test. The amount will be indexed to inflation each fall.

Units and Districts

Existing homestead recipients will continue to receive the credit without being subject to the income test. It is important to realize that in order to be exempt from the means test, the homeowner must actually receive a homestead credit for tax year This may be by either original, continuing, or late application. The same changes were made to the Homestead Program for manufactured and mobile home tax; but due to the difference in the collection schedule between real property and that tax, the changes will go into effect for tax year The owners must have received the exemption for tax year in order to not be subject to the means test.

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The State budget that was passed beginning July limits the application of real property tax rollbacks by specifying that the rollbacks may not be applied to reduce the taxes due on any new, additional or replacement levies approved at any election held after the budget's 90 day effective date. This means that new, additional or replacement levies placed on the ballot in August will receive the rollback, but any new, additional or replacement levy placed on the ballot in November, or and subsequent year thereafter will not be subject to the rollback reductions.

Any renewal levy will continue to be subject to the rollback payments from the State. Under Ohio law it is the responsibility of owners of manufactured homes house trailers to register their homes with the County Auditor for tax purposes. Annually, the Auditor's office assesses each manufactured home and prepares a tax duplicate.

Tax bills are sent to each owner semi-annually.

Property Tax Information

The House Trailer tax is distributed back to the local taxing districts in the same manner as real estate taxes. In Lake County there are over two thousand 2, trailers on the tax duplicate. The Auditor is the Sealer of Weights and Measures for the entire County, thus protecting the general public from the possible loss that may occur from faulty measuring devices such as scales. The method of enforcement is to perform "spot checks" on pre-packaged items to test the accuracy of the weight of the contents.

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Also, all scales and gasoline pumps are inspected on a regular basis. Federal and state courts have upheld a tradition that benevolent organizations earn their exemptions by providing public services that otherwise would fall on government and the taxpayers to finance. Exemptions are the equivalent of the free lunch in the world of taxation, as defined by the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance , which oversees just that — local government finance.

An exemption means the property cannot be taxed. If they were taxed at current rates, the bills would be in the tens of millions, Wieser guessed.


But exemptions are only one kind of tax break. The bulk of Lake and Porter county properties, while not exempt from taxation, are eligible to receive deductions, credits or abatements that reduce their bills annually. The most common one is the homestead deduction, received by hundreds of thousands of homeowners in both counties.

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Dagney Faulk, director of Ball State University's Research Center for Business and Economic Research , said there are two different theories of taxation and exemptions. So nonprofit organizations are typically exempt from property taxation, because they don't have the revenue. Charitable and educational groups, in essence, earn their exemptions by doing good works in the community.