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Awww, I understand you perfectly! Look for friends in activities you like to do. The worst they can do is ignore you and you move on. I found a great group of friends through my yoga studio. We all shared a common bond in yoga. Also volunteering is a good way to meet people. Love this post. Always surround yourself with the best because you deserve the best.

We reflect what we see.


I met a couple of friends recently online — seriously. One of them I met through the comments section of a lifestyle blog we both used to follow. I reached out to her as she was the only one who had something smart and noteworthy to say, and was seeking the same advice I was seeking at the same time how to find a mentor. The other person I met was again, someone commenting this time on a nutrition Facebook group I follow so we had something in common off the bat, realized we both live in NYC and after messaging each other for awhile, decided to meet up and grab a bite somewhere in line with our group and having a piece of chocolate afterwards, of course.

The other, I just saw this week and we are planning our next face-to-face. I love this article!

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I love having my grilfriends and we do the exact same thing: we support each other in our careers, we help each other in difficult times and my favorite thing to do is to spend one entire day doing girly stuff like going to the hammam, having a huge brunch and going to hairdresser together. Great one, as always. I still have hard time accepting the exsistance of many types of friendship, I think I still believe and look for all-from-one kind of friend, which becomes quite impossible as we grow older and hopefully, wiser.

This is so refreshing! True friendships are so imoportant and add so much value to life. I have a very small handful even of close friends whom I love and adore and support. We make time for each other, we listen and advise and support each other in all aspects for our lives. Life seems to be getting busier and pulling us away from real communication, which concerns me but having these relationships and making the effort to keep the relationship and communications going strong is something I value. Madonna often had an entourage of female friends of varied creative means around her in the mid 80ss, especially those in the downtown art scene and the boroughs.

Marks Place, Limelight, et al. Wise women will always unite and forge together. Taylor is helping to raise up a whole new generation of bright, articular, women. I know this is totally crazy…I love Garance sooo much??? I really admire that. Who are we with our our ladies!? My girlfriends are everything to me. Everything… Well said, Garance!

US Army Asks a Question on Twitter & Gets Thousands of Heartbreaking Replies | laostarexec.tk

Mais grave!!!! Loved this article! I agree with you Garance about the importance of female friends.

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They are the nurture of our deepest emotions and … dilemas! In times when women tend to stand in opposite streets: working moms vs. I think this is largely because I know more men who like to do activities and talk about topics over personal drama. I find that talking about unhappiness tends to create more of it, and for whatever cultural reason, a lot more women seem to gravitate to those topics at least in the U.

The Army has deleted some comments it deemed not "family friendly.

US Army Asks a Question on Twitter & Gets Thousands of Heartbreaking Replies

Thad Allen, Coast Guard commandant, routinely updates his Facebook status from his cell phone while traveling. He also posts video blogs from overseas, said a spokesman, Lt. Tony Migliorini. We want people to hear us.

‘I Did Not Serve, But I Have 3 Fewer Friends From High School, 1 Combat Death, 2 PTSD Suicides’

Copyright The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Show discussion. Military on NBCNews. Pentagon targets recruits on Facebook, Twitter 'We know that's where they are, and we need to go to them,' officer says Below: x Jump to discuss comments below discuss x Next story in Military related. Benjamin Freakley says social networking sites offer another way to reach tomorrow's soldiers. The nation, goaded on by a media with a short attention span and a love of artificial controversy, unfairly projected a lot of the discomfort in the collective American unconsciousness about the war in Afghanistan onto Bergdahl.

After Vietnam, the Pentagon learned more about winning the public relations fight than the battlefield fight. I hope the book will show people that all the men and women who fought and sacrificed in Afghanistan are human beings, not the caricatures that soldiers are often made out as.

Pentagon targets recruits on Facebook, Twitter

No one made Bergdahl walk off the base besides Bergdahl. He did something that, as a former soldier, bugs the hell out of me, something I never did: He walked away. He pleaded guilty to the desertion charge against him.

If Bergdahl and the Army failed this badly, that indicates a larger failure within the American society that put them in that situation to begin with. As the wars dragged on, fewer and fewer Americans wanted to fight in them, and the Army was having trouble making its recruiting goals and had serious problems with attrition at every rank.

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So they lowered the bar to enlist — admitting felons, giving waivers to the mentally ill, lowering intelligence and physical standards — to keep their numbers up and keep get fresh bodies into the meat grinder in Afghanistan. Why did it take so long for these reforms to happen, and are they enough? For almost five years, Bergdahl, normally under the jurisdiction of the American military, was held in Pakistan, an ostensibly allied country, where only the C.

The F. The State Department saw it as a way to open wider negotiations and somehow regain relevance in a conflict they had been largely iced out of. Only when Lt. Jason Amerine, who had been one of the first Green Berets into Afghanistan, decided to force the issue — a moment of great integrity at great personal sacrifice — were politicians forced to sit up and take notice and make changes.


Is it enough? Probably not. Sweeping policy changes will never be enough for Americans with loved ones still in captivity overseas, and there are plenty of those still.