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Inmates can also receive alcohol and substance abuse treatment. Additional programs offered at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility include alternative for violence, family reunion program, rehabilitation through the arts and more. Visiting is ampm Monday through Friday Weekend visits are on a alternating schedule that goes by the first letter of the inmate's last name, hours of visiting on the weekends are ampm. Processing for visitation ends at 3pm, if you arrive after 3pm you will not be admitted to visitation.

On weekdays inmates can have up to four visitors children do not count , weekend visits are limited to two adults unlimited children.


Inmates who are still Reception Status or have been at the facility for less than 30 days are only allowed weekend visits. At the beginning of his imprisonment, he called his father often, but as the months passed he became more secluded. By the spring of , Ham had not heard from him in several months. In early May, he began putting together a care package to mail to Lonnie: clothes for the upcoming warm weather, underwear, sneakers, some of his favorite junk food, like Oreos.

What the hell is going on?

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Getting more information proved nearly impossible. His brother told him about an app that records telephone calls, and he started using it as he called around the prison. Eventually, he reached Deputy Superintendent Mark Kinderman. Every number we had was called, was called multiple times.

Kinderman did not answer the question. But Ham never received a letter. He had a history, when he was in the department, of mental-health issues.

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He had been receiving treatment, on and off, for a period of time. And when he did this, the staff did discover him, and they went, in my opinion, really, you know, well above and beyond. It really affected them at the time that it happened, and they did everything they could to resuscitate and revive him.

The process took four months—the lawyer had to obtain a court order—but on September 8th he stood in the Marcy prison cemetery, watching as a backhoe dug into the ground. He was not convinced that his son had taken his own life, so he had an independent autopsy done; it confirmed that the death was a suicide.


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Crooms died two years ago, at eighty-nine. Ham continued to press for more information. He was prescribed three medications: Prozac, Haldol an anti-psychotic , and Depakote a mood stabilizer. The next day, March 16th, he was taken off suicide watch, but he remained in solitary confinement, in Cell Inmates in solitary confinement are allotted one hour of rec each day; they spend the rest of the day locked in their cells.

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Officer Joseph Mead was supposed to take out the inmates who had requested rec, but he never got to go outside. None of the prison employees named in this story agreed to be interviewed. That was around A. Later that morning, when Lonnie learned that he had not been given his rec, he became irate, hollering and banging inside his cell.

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Lunchtime was at A.