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Since September 30, , marriage licenses have been required in Pennsylvania and are maintained by the Marriage License Clerk in the county courthouse of the county issuing the license. Before September 30, the issuing of licenses was not obligatory, but was intended for those cases where the banns were not published or the marriage in church was dispensed with. For these earlier marriages, church records and newspapers may provide information. Since , Divorce Records have been kept in the Prothonotary's Office in the county where the divorce was granted. In addition, local newspapers frequently published notices of divorce actions.

From to , divorce could be granted by the Legislature or the Governor subject to royal veto by Royal Council. In , British Parliament forbade royal governors in America to grant divorces and the Legislature was the governing body to which pleas for divorce were submitted. From through , either the Supreme Court or the Legislature could act on divorce matters.

From through , the Legislature and the Courts of Common Pleas handled divorces. In , the Court of Common Pleas alone began to govern divorce action. Since , these records have been kept in the Prothonotary's Office in the county where the divorce was granted. Divorces were rare in colonial Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War and early statehood.

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Where to Find Divorce Records Online

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Where to Find Divorce Records Online

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The Court Documents section of your report will contain records from Municipal, County, State and Federal courthouses. It will also contain information on if the person was divorced and details about the divorce case.

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