Texas divorce by publicaion forms

Believe it or not but many spouses loose contact with their divorce and obtain a divorce by publication. A missing spouse divorce, accurately known as divorce by publication, is a little more involved with additional requirements versus an uncontested divorce. Before proceeding with a divorce by publication in Texas, you should make a diligent effort to locate your spouse. Try contacting family members, former employers, friends, or even mailing a letter to a last known address for your spouse. These methods may aid you in locating your spouse.

After locating your spouse you may be able to work with your spouse to complete an uncontested divorce. In simple terms when you file for divorce the court requires that you notify your spouse that you have filed for divorce. This notice allows your spouse an opportunity to legally respond through the court. In an uncontested divorce your spouse can simply sign a document indicating that they are aware of the divorce and no response is needed since you and your spouse are in agreement on the terms of your divorce.

In a contested case, your attorney will have the divorce papers officially served delivered to your spouse. However, when you are unable to locate your spouse, the court often allows you to give notice to your spouse by way of a public announcement printed in a local newspaper. If you truly do not know the whereabouts of your spouse and wish to proceed with a divorce by publication we can assist you. Please complete the form below and one our attorneys or paralegals will contact you to discuss your options:.

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Attorney Verified. Security Verified. Secure Login Verified. Website Compatibility Verified. Summons pdf fillable. Visit Responding to a Divorce to learn about the legal process. There is an automated interview available that will complete your forms for you after answering some questions. The individual forms needed to file a response are below if you prefer to fill them out separately.

Divorce Answer pdf. Divorce Answer pdf fillable.

Uncontested vs Contested Divorce in Texas

Reply to Counterclaim pdf. Reply to Counterclaim pdf fillable. The Decrees below are only to be used where there is a Plaintiff who filed for divorce against the other person. Visit Getting the Final Divorce Decree to learn about the legal process.


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Decree of Divorce — No Children pdf. Decree of Divorce — With Children pdf. Affidavit of Resident Witness pdf. Affidavit of Resident Witness pdf fillable. Request for Summary Disposition pdf.

Request for Summary Disposition pdf fillable. Visit Filing for Divorce Together to learn about the legal process. For spouses who would like to file for divorce together, there is an automated interview available that will complete your forms for you after answering some questions. Affidavit of Service pdf. Affidavit of Service pdf fillable.

What if I can't serve the papers because I can't find my spouse?

Alternate Service Packet pdf. Certificate of Mailing pdf.

Important information you need to gather

Certificate of Mailing pdf fillable. Certificate of Service pdf. Certificate of Service pdf fillable. Change of Address pdf. Change of Address pdf fillable. Declaration and Order to Extend the Time to Serve pdf. Declaration and Order to Extend the Time to Serve pdf fillable. Financial Disclosure Form - General pdf.

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  • Financial Disclosure Form - General pdf fillable. Financial Disclosure Form - Detailed excel. Joint Preliminary Injunction Request pdf. Joint Preliminary Injunction Request pdf fillable. Order Shortening Time Packet pdf fillable. Pre-Trial Memorandum pdf.