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Ray 11th May I can't remember her surname but i know that she or her family came from either Ascension or Christmas Island and played bingo in the early eighties. Her parents ran or managed a filling station on the edge of Bournemouth on the Ringwood side and lived nearby.

The reason for trying to find her is that I now having a limited time left after a bone marrow transplant. Can anyone help? AnneD6 1st May I am looking for an old school friend Olwen Jones born Olwen is my daughter Michelles godmother. I would love to find her. On her first marriage was Olwen Smith. Worked at Inland Revenue. Sister Shirley. HelenD54 27th Apr Roz khan 24th May Wish you best of luck Reply Flag as inappropriate. Would really like to catch up with anyone from those days.

CliveT4 9th Apr I'm looking for a old friend who was for a time at Nelson Hall teacher training college Stafford in I think she worked for a time for British Rail Manchester in the early 60s. I'm not sure how long they lived in Oldham or whether there are any children from the marriage. I have a hunch, but only a hunch, that they may have moved towards north Wales e.

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I would like to get back in touch with Lesley to catch up on the 60 intervening years! Fifeman 2nd Apr Hello everyone, l'm trying to find a nice couple that my wife and l spent time cruising back to the UK from South Africa in April on the Windsor Castle.

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Thanks for reading this. McRobbie 2nd Apr I'm trying to find a very good friend who I knew in the early sixties - I was extremely fond of him but he was in the army at that time and often overseas. WHen I knew him he was looking forward to leaving the army.

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I met him at a dance in Strichen but we from time to time caught up in Northampton Shire. Such a long time ago but I often wonder if he was able to follow his dreams and happy with life Like to connect Trying to catch up with old friends from Locarno, Hull I was a DJ there in the late 60's Particularly 'Lou" Hedgecock?

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Great times! Boudle 31st Mar For years I have wondered about the whereabouts of Andy Howarth.. Someone that good should be easy to trace but so far no luck. We get to the other end of our lives just wanting to know how it went for past friends. I am looking for Dianne Southgate who I have not seen for many years but often pops up in my memories, she used to live in Llandovery and joined the RAF in the 80s.

I am looking for the address or mobile number ,for mrs Jean Olive Kelly,living in the Bournemouth, as i have lost contact numbers, thank you Reply Flag as inappropriate. MattA 24th Mar I left for Sydney Australia thirty years ago, and have been looking constantly.

She lived with her Mum and Dad in Chadwell Heath. England but moved to London and had a position in an advertisement company. Janice visited me at college and typed my thesis many years ago. She was a talented, bright and had a beautiful smile. I do miss her.

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I returned to London for two weeks last year weeks to find her but to no avail. Any help would be most appreciated. MeenaM 23rd Mar Looking for Tony Morgan - born January 2nd, ! Last know address was London - I'd like to get back in touch with him after well over 30 years!! MarkA 23rd Mar LyleP 14th Mar Hi am trying to find anyone who knew me in Herford west germany, between would love to catch up Reply Flag as inappropriate.

JoanA2 13th Mar I am looking for a high school classmate. She married and as far as I know lives in England.

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He name is Lois Blatnick Sharp. She married Stanley R. I will be visiting England in September, , and would love to meet up with her. Ally65 2nd Mar Hi im looking for people who went to Hindhouse comprehension sheffield. Dates from to early 80s. I was formerly Alison Judge emmigrated to Australia in Friends Karen Rumberlow and Catherine Whitiker.

Also went to Limpsfield middle school in 70s. Would love to hear from anyone who new me. Devon66 1st Mar Can someone help me contact him please.

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I'm martin card Reply Flag as inappropriate. AngieT9 28th Feb We lost touch in about he was living in Walsall at the time.

His date of birth is 1st March Reply Flag as inappropriate. I am looking for a few people, met only briefly, whose names are either incomplete or forgotten, but whose memories are vividly connected to places, dates, events. Something like: "I am looking for a beautiful blond girl with blue eyes, met in Scarborough on August 12, We danced together for most of the evening at the KitKat Club. Unfortunately, I was leaving the following day, and you never gave me your address But I never forgot you. LesleyT3 12th Feb I am trying to find an old friend.

From the s Sarah Naylor as then will be 61 on the 21 st March this year , lived east newton road aldbrough n. Humberside had a sister Liz. GeneA 17th Feb Glad to have been of help, enjoy you reunion Reply Flag as inappropriate. CarrieD 12th Feb We are trying to find our old friends that we worked with in Falcon Hotel, Stratford upon Avon around Their names were: dale gibson, John and Teresa Clopton. DavidG19 1st Feb She had a brother called John who was born in Jaradad 29th Jan GeneA 2nd Feb LeslieR 21st Jan EirianG 20th Jan My parents Eirlys and Wyn Griffiths lived with them for a while when they first got married, my dad was a police man in Wrexham in the 50s.

Mam would love to Speak to Peter Jones he was a mechanic like his dad. Michael went to live with a family named Thorne in Leeds and we went to love there also. My last contact with Michael was when we immigrated to Australia. I am john bernard freeman, born sunderland dec 5th and am looking for my brother michael freeman born late jan Reply Flag as inappropriate. I am trying all channels to find him as we are now both in our 70s someone please help as I am in Australia and don't know where else to look. Any contact details for Yvonne Bowles?

Surname may have changed, she lived in Highworth, Wilts in 's. Was married to Michael and had two children, Daniel and Michaela I think. Some say their is a retired police officer living in Osbourne Gardens close to Wallington police station,could it be him. I need to talk to his daughter,at this party we were at in carshalton near Wrythe Green it sadly ended in tears why I don't know and for 47 years I've been trying to find this lass,then she was 5.

Can anyone help me please.

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Thankyou Reply Flag as inappropriate. Oofie 19th Dec Last time I saw her, she was living in Niddrie, Edinburgh, please get in touch if you happen to read this 'Dorina';- , or anyone else who does n' knows of her, fingers x'd. Stret17 18th Dec Hi I am looking for a man called Derek Fowler.

He was in the army not sure if he still is and I was told he lived in Nuneaton Warwickshire around I believe he's my farther. I've never met him or even knew his name until last week.